Pre-Booking for Visitors

As this is a Security Estate it is our job to keep residents safe and secure in the estate at all times which means that no “non resident or contractor” will enter the estate without the permission of the owner or resident.


Visitors need to be pre-booked, using the “click on system” to gain access to the estate. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

A contractor is any person that is going to work in or outside of your house.

The owner must advise the office of the details of the contractor or builder that is going to work at his stand or house.

NB – Inform the contractor or any other person you arrange to work at your house about the security procedures of the estate.

Each and every person who is going to work at your house (even if it is only the cleaning services) must have a green SA ID book or a driver’s license or a passport and must register at the office. Only emergency repairs will be allowed after hours.

If it is a foreigner with a worker’s permit, make sure that the worker’s permit is valid.

If you are still in the process of building, the builder (main contractor) and all other subcontractors must register at the Estate office of Irene Farm Villages.

Registration fee is R15 per person per day or R50 per person for a period of three months for contractors working on a Building Site or Alterations on a house. Persons working at an existing house (example maintenance,or painting) pay no registration fee for the first three days where after they pay R15 per person per day or R50 per person for a longer period of upto three months. These amounts are reviewed annually. There is no charges to owners for emergency repairs.


Any person who is delivering goods or is only going to work for a few hours’ (only emergency repairs) i.e, plumber, electrician, will require confirmation from the owner and an ID book to enter. (Please note that arrangements must be made with the office).

It is our aim to serve you, the home owner, in the best possible way and should you experience any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are committed to quality and professional service and look forward to working with you for the benefit of the Home Owner’s Association and its members.