The Estate

The estate has 650 residential stands, of which only 10 remain to be developed. It is managed by a board of directors, who are elected by property owners. Estate rules are enforced to ensure a harmonious and neighbourly environment, reflecting the village lifestyle of old.

The lack of built street-front boundaries and the extensive manicured parkland and conservation areas capture the “inner heart of peace and tranquillity” of Irene Farm Villages. Thanks to the conservation areas, the estate still has an abundant amount of natural bird and animal life. Scrub hares, duiker and mongoose are regularly seen after sunset.

Situated on “top of the town” the Estate has magnificent vistas of the surrounding countryside and stunning sunset views.

However, convenience is not ignored. Excellent private and public schools, sport and recreation facilities and the outstanding Irene Village Mall ensure that modern, quality lifestyles are maintained. Top private hospitals, two golf clubs and proximity to excellent and popular office parks further enhance the physical position of the Estate.

Irene Farm Villages is understandably a highly desired residential address, where excellent property values are a natural result of this modern yet tranquil oasis. It is an estate where the residents can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that they are safe within a secure perimeter boundary, where ingress and egress is controlled by state of the art technology and a biometric access control system. Professional security guards patrol the streets and the perimeter, both on foot and on quad bikes.

Many parks have already been grassed so that children can play in a safe and carefree environment. Plans are in place to manicure the remaining parks and an extensive tree planting project is in progress which will ensure that the estate is truly a “leafy suburb”.

Traditional Telephony services and Highspeed Internet Access services are all available within the Estate to ensure your communication needs in our digital age are met.